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      The position: Home > ABOUT USCompany Introduction

      Tel:0555-389 5555 Name: Mr. Fang

      Maanshan "horse machinery manufacturing co., LTD., formerly known as" the horse machinery factory in Shanghai, the company is located in maanshan tzuhu high-tech development zone, the main products are: hot rolling roller straightening machine box, cold rolling machine roller box, all kinds of industrial roller, mirror roller, chromium-plated roller, roughen roller, tungsten carbide coating roller, plasma metal ceramic roller) and roller bearing seat body; Relying on fiber laser technology, supersonic spraying technology, plasma spray welding technology, mirror grinding technology in aerospace, electric power, steel rolling metallurgy, automobile mold, petrochemical industry remanufacturing field enterprises, is also the Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission approved by the remanufacturing pilot unit.

      In 2015, our company responded to the call of national industrial transformation and upgrading, focusing on the intelligent research and transformation of products, was identified as a national high-tech enterprise, with Anhui Province AAAA product quality assessment, and passed the international ISO9001 quality and environment system certification.

      Relying on front-end manufacturing, the company vigorously promotes remanufacturing of complete sets of equipment at the back end, establishes remanufacturing bases of complete sets of equipment, carries out research in key technical fields, forms a sticky and replicable product model, and promotes complementarity, mutual promotion and common improvement of industrial advantages.

      The company develops from parts remanufacturing to equipment remanufacturing, and from remanufacturing to large-scale product manufacturing, so as to realize fine, intelligent and automatic control and provide equipment support for industrial development. Centered on high-end processing and manufacturing technology, the company set up a four-in-one industrial structure of "equipment, materials, research and development, and application".

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